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AirHES for Germany

«we need to provide 2,500 TWh of renewable energy per year» (from letter of Dr. David Wenger)

Seems, Germany has even in 1 order more ~ 3 TW [* 8760 h per year] = 26280 TWh only from the Sun:
But Cloud Power & Water (AirHES) could give much more and practically without using of lands.
So, ~3 TW could be gotten from the Sun. 
Let's compare with the capabilities of AirHES:
The territory of Germany is ~ 350 thousand km2, clouds (as well as the world average) occupy 2/3, the average water content of clouds is ~ 0.35 g/m3, the cloud base is ~ 2 km, the height of the clouds is ~ 1 km. Total in the clouds over Germany ~ 80 Tg of water (or 80 megatons). At a wind speed at the cloud level of ~ 10 m/s, this corresponds to a potential hydraulic power of water flow from the clouds of ~ 16 TW.
I.e. those every hundredth drop of rain passed through the AirHES will fully cover all the energy needs of Germany.
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