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Press Release: Inventor of AIR HYDRO Andrew Kazantsev Starts Indiegogo Campaign...

Inventor of AIR HYDRO Andrew Kazantsev Starts Indiegogo Campaign for ‘Cloud Power,’ the Invention to Save the Planet.

Each cloud over head is a NPP or TPP unit, but much cheaper and cleaner. Andrew Kazantsev’s project is about saving the world together.

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 2nd August, 2014

The entire mankind is now facing a number of fundamentally important and global challenges such as lack of energy, lack of fresh water, environmental degradation, climate change, etc. The existing technology is not sufficient enough to avoid the potential disasters within the years 2050-2100.

The problem of climate imbalance is one of the greatest concerns for the mankind. This is a problem that may question the possible existence of life on Earth. In the solar system, Earth has two nearest neighbors - Venus and Mars. This demonstrates what may happen to Earth if steps are not taken to prevent further climate imbalance.

Everything nature has garnered over a period of millions of years in the form of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas), will be exhausted by the human civilization with just a couple of centuries since the industrial revolution. At the present rate of consumption, the Earth will be destroyed even earlier because of global climate catastrophe. This problem worsens due the fundamental limitations of renewable energy resources.

This is where Andrew Kazantsev’s ‘Cloud Power’ project looks to make a difference. All three methods of conversion (Solar , Wind, Clouds) are of the same order of magnitude of the energy density (~ 100 W/m2), but only for AIR HYDRO all this energy with virtually no loss can be merged into a single point (pipe / turbine), making part of the proportional m2 far cheaper than other alternatives. Its benefits include

  • Huge potential that is much more than all human needs

  • Almost world-wide use where are clouds with water drops

  • Using as pumped storage and simultaneously as H2 storage

  • Getting simultaneously electricity, H2, and fresh water

  • The possibility to reduce energy costs by 1-2 orders

  • Absolute ecological security from any pollution and CO2

  • Saving climate and heat balance of the planet

  • Technological simplicity, no high-tech, producing anywhere

Now, Andrew and his team are going to build this minimal prototype so that they can test the technology as a real device for any possible estimates and conditions. Funds raised through Indiegogo will be spent to build this prototype.

Indiegogo Page:

About Air Hydro Power: The most powerful natural process - water cycle - uses the 1/4 of solar energy and distributes this energy equally to the entire Earth. Air Hydro Power ( is a new invention that allows getting equal access to huge amount of the cheap renewable energy and the fresh water for all people and countries by using only 1% of this energy. This is an invention by Andrew Kazantsev, a NPP engineer from Russia.

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