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Iceberg from the sky by using AIRHYDRO technology
There is a known global problem of supply of fresh water for many countries. One solution - transportation of icebergs from the northern latitudes. At the same time, the AIRHYDRO technology can create these icebergs (or glaciers) directly at the site, or at least much nearer to the zone of fresh water consumption.

If, for example, to raise the AIRHYDRO meshes up to altitude where a temperature is lower than Celcium's zero (for example, for equator it is approximately 5 km), then those meshes will icing atmospheric moisture. Ie artificial glacier can be created directly overhead or close (for example, over the ocean) and then can be moved to the right place. Moreover, moving the balloon down (and it will happen automatically with accumulating ice), you can create artificial rains in the right place (eg for irrigation). This will create a comfort zone in places where people live (such man-made oasis in the desert). In this application the AIRHYDRO will not need water hoses at all.

UPD: estimations of water cost (including depreciation for 10 years and renewing hydrogen each month) give the price of water about $ 0.1/m3, which is about an order of magnitude lower than the existing rates.